Sunset Thunderstorm Posted in Photo Blog, on July 31, 2010 I was driving around after a thunderstorm that rolled through the area and I saw the sunset start peeking through the clouds in the distance and made this photo.  I always love the contrast of the sky after a good thunderstorm here in Illinois. 0 Street Light Rain Posted in Photo Blog, on June 29, 2009 Did the Midwest move with me to Florida? There was a tornado reported in downtown Jacksonville a few days ago.. Lots of heavy rain and high winds.. Unfortunately I was not able to get out ahead of the storm to get any great pictures but I did take this photo of heavy rain at my house. 0 Summer Thunderstorm Posted in Favorite Photos, Photo Blog, Portfolio, on June 5, 2009 I was driving home from Chicago a week ago and I noticed this huge thunderstorm developing and had to stop to take photos. I had to drive through it eventually and I experienced some very high winds, rain and even hail. It has been difficult to update my photoblog this last week as I have just moved to Jacksonville, FL. I don’t have intern ... 0 Spring Rain Posted in Photo Blog, on April 29, 2009 Illinois got some heavy spring time rain on Monday. It was raining all day and I didn’t get out to shoot photos so I saw the bird feeder full of water and noticed how hard it was raining into it. Enjoy! 0