Into The Music Posted in Photo Blog, Portfolio, on April 9, 2011 I was out the other evening with some friends at a local bar that had some Dubstep djs performing, and my friend Danica was enjoying the music quite a lot. I decided to shoot some photos of the crowd and the djs as they were doing their thing. I got a few good photographs from the outing and this was one of my favorites so far. If you are not fam ... 1 The Noodle Man Posted in Photo Blog, Portfolio, on March 22, 2011 I was spending the afternoon in China Town in South Chicago with some friends, eating great food and looking in different shops. It was quite the experience and you see some pretty amazing things. China Town is a small culture shock but it is one of the great many things about Chicago overall. As I was walking through a small row of shops I saw t ... 2 Forgotten America: Unknown Posted in Photo Blog, on November 8, 2010 It was this man’s birthday when I met him in Gary, IN.  He was a friend of Robert’s and it was unfortunate that for his birthday he had a very somber feel to him.  Unfortunately I was not able to get his name but he was very nice and very curious what two photographers were doing in such a terrible place.  Robert ended up offering h ... 0 Speeding Reflection Posted in Photo Blog, on September 30, 2010 A photo from my archive, or I should say another take on this photo. I have used it before a few years ago but I decided to process it again. This is my friend Kai acting all suave in a Chicago CTA station while a train was speeding through the station. It was shear luck that I managed to catch his reflection in the window, but after looking at ... 2 Forgotten America: Michael Posted in Photo Blog, on September 6, 2010 Another photo from Gary, Indiana. This is Michael Ferrell and we met him at a gas station in Gary.  We were driving by when I pointed him out to Jez and said we should go back and ask to photograph him.  Jez quickly turned the car around and we went in the gas station to “fill up” but then proceeded to talk with him. Michael was a ver ... 2 Forgotten America: Robert Posted in Favorite Photos, Photo Blog, Portfolio, on August 31, 2010 This is Robert Dortch.  He is one of the many residents in a neighborhood that fellow photographer Jez Coulson and I were visiting.  Robert was the first person we had interacted with, in fact he approached us to warn us about a group of young men shouting at us.  He was quick to warn us about it being dangerous for outsiders here, e ... 4 Hollywood Girl Posted in Photo Blog, on May 3, 2010 I was visiting with some family down on our boat this last week and we decided to take a trip out on the lake for a bit.. My niece was down there with us and she just LOVES boats and the water. So while we were just relaxing enjoying the sun and beautiful day I made this photo of her just enjoying herself. 2 Mad Photographer: Jez Coulson Posted in Photo Blog, on April 19, 2010 I had a chance to meet up with fellow photoblogger Jez Coulson of Jez Blog.  We were taking photos of each other at the same time and I captured this.  He was in Chicago for less than 24hrs on a photo shoot but I managed to meet up with him at the airport a few hours before his flight.  Jez is a mad photographer that really pushes the limits and ... 0 Your New Wingman Posted in HDR, Photo Blog, Portfolio, on March 16, 2010 Well its been a long time since I have updated the photoblog. Many things have been going on keeping me from this.. I will have lots of new updates coming regularly again soon hopefully. In the mean time here is an HDR portrait I made of a fellow photographer while we exploring a plane graveyard in St. Augustine, Florida. 2 Bliss Posted in Favorite Photos, HDR, Photo Blog, Portfolio, on October 9, 2009 I was out on a photography adventure with my friend Mia and we found this almost deserted beach with lots of drift wood that would wash in from the ocean or erode away from the shore. It was stunningly beautiful here. So peaceful and tranquil. We walked around for several hours and I captured this photo when she was relaxing on this piece of dri ... 0 Her Eyes Posted in Photo Blog, on September 30, 2009 Ever looked into someones eyes and been mesmerized? Yup it happened to me and I just had to capture a photo so that you too could be mesmerized as well. Enjoy her eyes. 4 Attacking Posted in Photo Blog, on August 10, 2009 Ever stumble into a place and get completely surprised and almost get attacked? That was the feeling for this photo my friend posed for during Halloween this year. 0 Living in the 80s Posted in Photo Blog, on July 24, 2009 This is a recent photo of a friend getting ready to go to an 80s theme party.. His outfit was so funny I just had to photograph it. 0 Washing Up Posted in Photo Blog, on June 17, 2009 I was exploring the Jacksonville Fishing Pier today and saw this man washing up enjoying the view of the coming sunset. There were lots of people out fishing on the pier. Very interesting to watch everyone doing what they enjoy. 0 Reflecting Skyline Posted in Photo Blog, on May 27, 2009 Took a quick photo of my friend while we were relaxing in Chicago. You can see the city skyline from the reflection in her sunglasses. I will miss Chicago… I am moving to Florida in a few days but I will get to see one of my favorite cities again this winter. 0