What’s Up Michigan Ave Posted in Chicago, Photo Blog, Portfolio, on December 31, 2010 I was downtown the other night with a few friends just walking around looking at shops and eating great food.  I decided to stop for an impromptu photo session with my friend Chris.  He has appeared on the blog before but only in silhouette so I figured it was time to take some real photos of him. 0 Speeding Reflection Posted in Photo Blog, on September 30, 2010 A photo from my archive, or I should say another take on this photo. I have used it before a few years ago but I decided to process it again. This is my friend Kai acting all suave in a Chicago CTA station while a train was speeding through the station. It was shear luck that I managed to catch his reflection in the window, but after looking at ... 2 Waiting Posted in Photo Blog, on September 10, 2010 Silhouette photograph of a man between two cars at night between headlights in Joliet Illinois. 0 Light Graffiti Posted in Photo Blog, on July 14, 2010 Here is a photo out of the archives.  A few of my friends wanted to play around with some sparklers so I had to shoot some photos of them.  This was at the fireworks show on Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Unfortunately we were upwind from the show and smoke clouded most of the fireworks.  So all of us decided to make our own fireworks show on the bea ... 0 City Life Posted in Photo Blog, on July 10, 2010 Chicago has to be one of the most beautiful cities at night.  The riverfront area is such a nice area to walk around during the day, but it is even better at night.  Chicago has been pretty busy at night with the Taste of Chicago going on during June.  Everyone seems like they want to be outside doing something.  The beautiful weather at night ... 8 Fire Over Water Posted in Photo Blog, on July 5, 2010 I had a great 4th of July this year with my family.  This photo is from Lake Shelbyville in central Illinois.  There were hundreds of boats on the water watching the fireworks and we managed to get a great vantage point.  Hope your 4th was as fun as mine. 0 Fast Lane Posted in Photo Blog, on July 3, 2010 Life in the fast lane.  Every time I am in the city I always can feel the energy from everyone in a fast paced lifestyle.  The night this photo was made it was particularly nice out in Chicago and more people were out and about than usual.  Always an interesting time. I am in the fast lane this weekend but not in Chicago.  I was hoping to shoot ... 0 Two is Company Posted in Photo Blog, on May 27, 2010 This is a recent photo I made a few weeks ago when I was visiting a few friends.  I saw these two on this moped and thought they looked like they were having fun.  Right after I took this photo a Champaign Police officer came up to my friend and I and gave us quite the curious look just standing on a street corner taking photos. 0 Turning Fast Posted in Photo Blog, on April 15, 2010 I made this photo the other night in downtown Chicago after I met with the mad photographer Jez Coulson.  He has a love for blurring cabs and I had caught this by luck when I noticed this motorcycle come around the corner. On a side note welcome to the new website.  There will be some slight changes over the coming weeks, but I encourage YOU to p ... 8 Frozen In Motion Posted in Favorite Photos, Long Exposure, Photo Blog, Portfolio, on April 12, 2010 I made this photo the other night. This is a long exposure shot of my car. I had a friend drive it after we timed the exposure properly for it… On a side note you should notice my entire website has just been re-designed.  I thought it was time for some spring cleaning and I decided to switch software platforms as well.. So bare with me ... 2 Festival of Lights Posted in Photo Blog, on December 1, 2009 Christmas spirit has begun in Jacksonville. This last weekend was the Festival of Lights in Jacksonville. There were events all week and I had the pleasure of picking out a great spot to take photos of the boat parade and the stunning firework display. 4 Surrounded by Light Posted in Photo Blog, on July 8, 2009 This is another photo from Independence Day. This photo is of some new friends enjoying sparklers and this is also their anniversary so it was a 2 fold special day and night for them. I really love the way sparklers photograph in long exposure! 2 Late to Bed Posted in Photo Blog, on June 12, 2009 I was out very late on Wednesday night as it was my birthday Thursday.. After getting home I decided to head down to the beach and take some very long exposure shots. This was my favorite shot from the night and it was around 5 minuets long if I recall correctly. Happy Birthday to me and this is my 100th image here. 2