Light Graffiti Posted in Photo Blog, on July 14, 2010 Here is a photo out of the archives.  A few of my friends wanted to play around with some sparklers so I had to shoot some photos of them.  This was at the fireworks show on Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Unfortunately we were upwind from the show and smoke clouded most of the fireworks.  So all of us decided to make our own fireworks show on the bea ... 0 4th & 4th Posted in Photo Blog, on June 24, 2009 I was trying to avoid traffic today and I came up on this stop sign.. Originally I photographed this for the graffiti on the stop sign. Not until I started processing the photo did I notice that I was at the corner of 4th & 4th. I have never seen this before! 0 Late to Bed Posted in Photo Blog, on June 12, 2009 I was out very late on Wednesday night as it was my birthday Thursday.. After getting home I decided to head down to the beach and take some very long exposure shots. This was my favorite shot from the night and it was around 5 minuets long if I recall correctly. Happy Birthday to me and this is my 100th image here. 2