Bliss Posted in Favorite Photos, HDR, Photo Blog, Portfolio, on October 9, 2009 I was out on a photography adventure with my friend Mia and we found this almost deserted beach with lots of drift wood that would wash in from the ocean or erode away from the shore. It was stunningly beautiful here. So peaceful and tranquil. We walked around for several hours and I captured this photo when she was relaxing on this piece of dri ... 0 A Game Won & Celebrating After Posted in Photo Blog, on September 28, 2009 My friend Mia was excited that her favorite team Auburn won the game and was rocking out to some music at my house after the game. Her expressions were so perfect and I had to capture a picture of them. 0 Loading A Ship Posted in HDR, on September 7, 2009 I took a recent drive up to the Fernandina Beach area north of Jacksonville and was amazed at all it takes to load and unload these ships that dock in the port here. I will hopefully be coming back to more regular updates.. been super busy lately. 0 Colorful Thunderstorm Posted in Photo Blog, on August 12, 2009 I watched this thunderstorm developing over Jacksonville while driving home.. It was very defined and produced so much rain. I really enjoy watching thunderstorms down here in Florida. 8 Wienermobile Posted in Photo Blog, on July 20, 2009 The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is in Jacksonville! I had to follow it a bit until it stopped somewhere but managed to take a few photos of it and even get my own wiener whistle! It is like being a kid all over again! You can find out when the Wienermobile may visit your city by following their Hotdogger Blog. 0 Celebration Posted in Photo Blog, on July 6, 2009 It was a great 4th of July here in Jacksonville. Watched the fireworks on the beach and even had our own private display after the main one. Here is a photo of some mortars being set off almost all at once. I hope your 4th of July was great! 0