Forgotten America: Unknown Posted in Photo Blog, on November 8, 2010 It was this man’s birthday when I met him in Gary, IN.  He was a friend of Robert’s and it was unfortunate that for his birthday he had a very somber feel to him.  Unfortunately I was not able to get his name but he was very nice and very curious what two photographers were doing in such a terrible place.  Robert ended up offering h ... 0 Looking Through Posted in Photo Blog, on September 15, 2010 This woman worked in a liquor store in Gary, Indiana when I was out there shooting photographs with Jez. Jez and I were in there with Robert while he was purchasing more alcohol and she was nice enough to let us to take photographs while in there. She was very interested in what we were doing and asked if we would take her picture. Unfortunately ... 2 Forgotten America: Michael Posted in Photo Blog, on September 6, 2010 Another photo from Gary, Indiana. This is Michael Ferrell and we met him at a gas station in Gary.  We were driving by when I pointed him out to Jez and said we should go back and ask to photograph him.  Jez quickly turned the car around and we went in the gas station to “fill up” but then proceeded to talk with him. Michael was a ver ... 2 Forgotten America: Robert Posted in Favorite Photos, Photo Blog, Portfolio, on August 31, 2010 This is Robert Dortch.  He is one of the many residents in a neighborhood that fellow photographer Jez Coulson and I were visiting.  Robert was the first person we had interacted with, in fact he approached us to warn us about a group of young men shouting at us.  He was quick to warn us about it being dangerous for outsiders here, e ... 4 Joe Jackson Posted in Photo Blog, on August 29, 2010 While I was visiting the childhood home of Michael Jackson we had a surprise visit from his father Joe Jackson.  He arrived with quite the entourage and security provided courtesy of the Indian State Police dressed in plain clothes. After a short while observing him, Jez Coulson and I had the chance to make some photographs of him for a few minuet ... 8 Twenty Three Hundred Posted in Photo Blog, on August 28, 2010 Tomorrow August 29th would be Michael Jackson’s birthday.  They are having a celebration in Gary, IN where he grew up as a kid.  I was with the always mad photographer Jez Coulson shooting photos in the area and we decided to check out his childhood home.  Surprisingly Michael Jackson grew up in a very small humble home.  Shortly after we ... 6