The Boot Posted in Photo Blog, Portfolio, on March 24, 2011 This poor guy, his car got the boot. Its a bit funny though that there was a pay box sign right by his booted vehicle. Chicago parking has gotten more ridiculous this year with the hike in fees that started in January. It can now cost you as much as $5 an hour to park in the loop. What is worse is the city has sold the rights to the parking met ... 1 Bad Parking Posted in Photo Blog, on May 7, 2010 I was in downtown Chicago yesterday shooting photos and visiting with friends.  I was walking down Michigan Ave and noticed the very unique lighting as it was getting late in the afternoon, then I noticed the way the car had stopped on the side of the road.  I took some amazing photos yesterday so I should have some great ones coming up soon! 0 Do Not Walk Posted in Photo Blog, on April 28, 2010 I made this photo walking over to the bar from the last photo.  It was a very chilly night in Chicago and I did not bring anything for the weather.. It was around 38 degrees and I had a short sleeve shirt on.  The weather here can change so fast during the spring you really have to be prepared for anything everyday. 0