Party and Power Posted in Photo Blog, Portfolio, on April 20, 2011 During my vacation I took a road trip down to Tampa to see my brother and explore the area. I ended up hopping in a car and just driving around for a few hours.. well around 3 just exploring the area around Tampa. I ended up all the way up in Clearwater Beach just driving around watching people. I thought this boat and scooter rental place was a ... 0 Moment of Impact Posted in Photo Blog, on September 3, 2010 I enjoy getting away from time to time on the weekends and this photo was from a weekend at my family’s boat at Lake Shelbyville.  This photo is my friend Chris diving off the top of a boat and I managed to capture right as he was hitting the water. 0 A Relaxing Cab Ride Posted in Photo Blog, on May 19, 2010 The yellow monsters are everywhere in Chicago.  You can also see them slowly making their way down the Chicago River from time to time.  This photo was made as I was walking down Michigan Avenue over the river. 0